Thursday, June 30, 2016

Local Choreographers garner International Recognition

New Dance gaining interest among Line Dancers 


     When someone you know is really good at something, pours their heart and soul into that something, and does it just because they have a passion for it that's a fun thing to see.  It's even more fun to see them gain a degree of recognition for their efforts that goes beyond the appreciation of local friends.

    That's been the case this week as we've watched a new dance choreographed by local line dance instructors Robert Holley of Bear, DE and Stephen Pistoia of Woodstown, NJ rocket up the charts of Copperknob, a website that archives tens of thousands of line dances from around the world, and ranks the current most popular dances in much the same way music is ranked on the Billboard charts.

    As of this writing, their new dance "Make You Mine" has risen to number 8 in less than a week since its initial release. Impressive indeed.

     Line dancers in the area, country dancers in particular, will most likely be familiar with the pair.  Rob teaches line dancing each Thursday night at Delaware Park, and Stephen and partner Laura teach twice a month at Tailgates Sports Bar in Newark.

    This is far from their first foray into choreography, each having created several dances in the past, but for us it's fun to see the pair working together.  And that's just what the line dancing community is all about - friendship and community .

    If you'd like to get in on the hot trend of line dancing you can follow Rob on his Team Holley Facebook Page.  Steve's schedule can be found on his Dance Bullies Facebook Page.  And as always, if you'd like to know about all the goings on in the local line dancing community that we can find follow us on Facebook by liking Dora and Gary's Line Dancing Page.

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