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Top 10 Intermediate Line Dances

What's Hot in the Delaware / South Jersey Area

      Last week we published the Top 10 Beginner Country Line Dances that are being done on a regular basis and taught by instructors in our area.  We recognize that these aren't necessarily those being done in other areas, but we figured that just maybe the list would help out those new to line dancing have a place to start.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but several asked us to develop a similar list with intermediate dances for those with more experience.

     With that in mind we went back to our trusty pool of local instructors and once again polled them, asking for their favorite intermediate line dances.  So here's the list ranked from those most frequently mentioned to least frequent, along with links to instructional videos to help you along.  At the end we've listed those who participated, linked to their social media profiles so you can connect with them.  Have fun and keep dancing!

1.   Ain't Misbehavin'  -  48 ct 4 wall Intermediate Line Dance by Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski and Amy Glass. Music is Misbehavin' by Pentatonix.  Step Sheet

2.   Confidence -   64 ct 4 wall phrased AB Intermediate Line Dance by Eric Mosley. Music is Confident by Demi Lovato. 2 tags and 1 restart.  Step Sheet

3.   Four On The Floor -  48 ct 4 wall Intermediate line dance by Matt Thompson and Mishi Ziminski. One tag. Music: Four On The Floor by Lee Brice.  Step Sheet

4.   Last Night In Texas -  32 ct 4 wall low intermediate line dance by Guyton Mundy. Music: Last Night In Texas by Mikel Knight. One easy restart.   Step Sheet

5.   Out Like That -  48 ct 4 wall Intermediate Line Dance by Trevor Thornton. Music: Goin' Out Like That by Reba McIntire (Bummerman remix). One easy restart.  Step Sheet

6.   Ain't Too Cool - 32 ct 4 wall Improver Line Dance by Trevor Thornton, Brandon Roman and Brandon Swift. Music is Ain't Too Cool by Lunchmoney Lewis. One easy tag. Step Sheet

7.   Blue Lights Chasing - 24 ct 4 wall Intermediate/Advanced Line Dance by Joey Warren. Music is We Went by Randy Houser. One 8 ct tag and one restart. Step Sheet

8.   Cake By The Ocean -  64 ct 2 wall Intermediate Line Dance by Maie Kaasik.  Music is Cake By The Ocean by DNCE.  Step Sheet

9.   Me And Johnny Cash - 64 count / 4 wall linedance.Taught by Barry Amato. Song by Rainey Qualley - Me and Johnny Cash  Step Sheet

10. Super Clap -  Sorry.  Could only find a video for this

     Other dances that were mentioned included:  50 Ways, Asking Questions, Back Roads Bump, Beautiful Drug, Caliente, Caught In The Act, Chill Factor, Crazy Foot Mambo, Double D. Eight Second Ride, Ex's and Ohs, Funk You Up, Kick A Little Dirt, Live It Loud, Mars Attacks, Mr. Pinstripe, No Vacancy, She's So Hott, Shotgun Mambo, Somewhere With You, Space Jam, Stompin' Out A Rhythym, Stretch Your Legs, Sugar Honey I.T., Sweet Revenge, and You Can't Stop Me.

     Many thanks to the local instructor who participated including Patti Nivens Leathers, Steve Pistoia, Rob Holley, Eric Mosley, and Jen Tunis.

    We hope you enjoyed this little effort, and hope to see some of you on the dance floor.  As always, thanks for reading, and if you want to keep up with us and all the news in our line dancing world please give a like to Dora and Gary's Line Dancing Page on Facebook.   If you have a dance that's hot in your area that we haven't included let us know!  We'd love to learn it!-   Dora and Gary

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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Line Dancing - Fun, Fitness, and Friendship

Line Dancing in the Wilmington, DE Region

     Looking for a fun way to burn off some energy, meet new friends, and get fit without those trips to the gym?  Line dancing just might be for you, and if you live in the Wilmington or south Jersey area you're probably no more than a few minutes away from the opportunity.

     There are so many classes and dancing events around, and so much variety that there's something to suit almost everyone.  Best of all line dancing is very budget friendly.  Many venues offer free lessons, and more specialized locations charge little more than the price of a latte for a full night of entertainment that can get your heart pumping and heels stomping.

    So here's a list to help you get started, including contact information and brief descriptions to help send you on your way to a new and interesting pastime that's become all the rage.  Whether you're young or young at heart we hope you'll step out on the floor and become part of a growing community of line dance enthusiasts.

     Our Facebook Page is a good place to keep up with all the events, and much more. Like us there!

Patti Nivens Leathers teaches on Mondays at Bankshots in Glasgow, DE.  She has years of experience, and focuses mostly on country dances, with a sprinkling of fun newer dances thrown in. Her classes move you through the steps smoothly and easily.  The cost is $5.00 a student, and it's well worth it. Classes start at 6:30

Visit her Website, or check out her Facebook page for more information.

If you're interested in those classic oldies dances from the past, along with a mix of newer dances, join Joanne O'Neill McMahon's classes every Monday at Five Points Fire Hall in Wilmington, DE, starting at 6:30.    These classes are perfectly paced to learn, and include a beginner dance class each week.  At only $5.00 a person this is a bargain.  Keep up to date on her Facebook page.

.For newcomers to country line dancing Jim Dawson's classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Christiana Pub on Main St. in Christiana, DE are a good option. The classes are free and focus on the easier country dances.  

Jim is a patient instructor, and in no time at all you'll be joining the other dancers on the floor.  Classes begin at 7:30, but on Tuesday he teaches a country couples lesson at 7:00.

 There's plenty to do on the soul line dance scene with Charlayne "Shay" Thomas. The week starts on Monday at 6:15 at the Glasgow Pines Community Center.  On Tuesday at 6:45 the action can be found at the Peoples Settlement House in Wilmington, and Thursdays at 6:00 at the South Bridge Neighborhood House.

For more information call 302-588-3030

 Country line dancing can also be found on Thursday nights at the Hops Bar stage in Delaware Park.  There's no charge for this weekly event, with instructor Rob Holley giving his first lesson of the night at 6:30, and a second at 8:00.

Throughout the rest of the night DJ Dave Cornwell keeps everyone's feet moving on the dance floor with a great selection of country and popular songs.

Rob's teaching style brings new dances to you in a way that builds layer upon layer until the whole dance comes together. Find Rob on Facebook.

 Wednesday nights at 7:00 you can learn classic line dances if you join Mania Chrzanowski at St. Elizabeth's Grant Hall in Wilmington.

At only $5.00 a person you can learn Cha Chas, the Wagner Walk, and a whole range of old Philly dance scene favorites.

For more information call 302-598-0682

Wednesday nights at 7:00 you can join Pepper Walling at the Wilmington Elks Lodge.  There's a terrific variety of dances taught, with 3 lessons each night at $8.00 a person. Pepper has been teaching at this location for several years, and is well know in the line dancing community.

On Fridays you can catch her there as well from 7:30 til midnight.  At $10.00 a person it's a great night out.  For more information call 610-874-9434

Tailgates Sports Bar in Newark, DE is busting with boots on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month as Steve Pistoia and Laura Stanton take the floor to teach you the latest country line dances.  These classes are only $5.00 and begin at 6:30

If you want to venture further afield Steve and Laura also teach at Tombstone Saloon in Buena, NJ on Thursdays, and once a month at Steakouts in Elmer, NJ.

You can keep up to speed on what they're doing on Facebook.

Eric Mosley is your host for country line dancing and lessons at the Newark Elks Lodge on the 3rd and 4th Fridays each month beginning at 7:00.  These are free lessons and dancing.

On the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays he also teaches at the Euphoria Taproom in Bear, DE, beginning at 6:30.  $5.00 cover.

On Tuesday nights you can join DJ and dance instructor Steve Carroll at The Hideaway on Ebright Rd. in Wilmington.  This is a cozy little spot, but worth the trip.  The dance floor opens onto the bar and restaurant.

Steve focuses on basic line dances to help you learn quickly.  There's no cover, and the dancing starts at 7:00.  He can also be found teaching at several locations in South  Jersey, and his schedule is posted on his Facebook page.

To learn more about what's happening in the line dancing community please like Dora and Gary's Facebook page, where we keep a very detailed list of what's happening, share videos and photos from classes and events around the region, and post the latest news from the area.

Thanks for reading, and as always, get out there and dance!     Dora and Gary

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Local Choreography - Loads of Fun

Line Dances Choreographed by our Local Instructors!


   We began line dancing attending classes with a local oldies instructor, learning many basic steps and classic line dances, especially those familiar to the old time Philadelphia dance scene.  About a year ago we attended our first country dancing event, and to be honest were somewhat intimidated by both the speed of some of the dances, as well as the types of steps done in many country dances that we were unfamiliar with.

     Since then we've made a point of getting out to as many different venues as possible, meeting and enjoying our time with numerous instructors and dance groups. And we've actually learned some of those steps and dances!

     Several months ago we learned a fun dance at a class, and were pleasantly surprised when someone came over to us and told us the dance had been choreographed by the very instructor who had been teaching that night.  What fun!  We actually knew a choreographer!  Even better, we discovered this wasn't the only one.  Several of our friends had choreographed dances.

     For us, we've come to have a special connection to these dances.  They're like our own little home-grown slice of dancing, a contribution our friends have created and shared with the larger line dancing community.

     So here we are sharing them with you, hoping you'll learn and enjoy them as well, and perhaps do a little research of your own ( It's easy to do on Copperknob ) to find the dances your friends may have created.

    The dances listed below are all fun, and range from fairly easy to far more complex.  In doing this research we've realized we haven't learned them all yet, but we're working on it!  Each has a link to both the step sheet and an instructional video, and lists the music it was originally choreographed to.  Their names are linked to these great folks so you can contact them and let them know if you've learned and enjoyed their line dance. And while you're on CopperKnob please give a rating to those you enjoy.  It's valuable feedback for the choreographer.

     Have fun, and let us know about the dances your friends have created!

Ain't Startin' Tonight by Rob Holley - Ain't Startin' Tonight by Locash
48 Count 2 Wall High Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  August 2016

American Country Love Song by Stephen Pistoia - American Country Love Song by Jake Owen
32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner  (Step Sheet)   (Video)  April 2016 

America's Sweetheart by Rob Holley - America's Sweetheart by Elle King
64 Count 4 Wall Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  May 2016

Better Than This by Rob Holley - Better Than This by Brad Paisley
32 Count 2 Wall Beginner   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  July 2007

Boardwalk Rodeo Stomp by Patti Nivens Leathers - Good Ride Cowboy by Garth Brooks
32 Count 2 Wall Beginner (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Feb. 2011

Boots Over Head by Stephen Pistoia - Head Over Boots by Jon Pardi
32 Count 4 Wall Beginner/Improver  (Step Sheet)   (Video)  April 2016

Breathing Room by Jennifer Killen - Room To Breathe by Chase Bryant
48 Count 4 Wall High Beginner  -  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Aug. 2016 

Cadi Up This Lac by Megan Carroll - High Class by Eric Paslay
32 Count 2 Wall Low Intermediate -  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  April 2016

Can't Blame It On The Booze by Rob Holley - Love Drunk by Steve Moakler
32 Count 4 Wall Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  March 2016

Carolina by Rob Holley - Ain't Killed Me Yet by Eric Church
32 Count 2 Wall Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  July 2009

Confidence by Eric Mosley - Confident by Demi Lovato
48 Count 4 Wall Phrased Intermediate (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Jan. 2016

Cowboy Side Of You by Jennifer Killen - Cowboy Side Of You by Clare Dunn
32 Count 2 Wall Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  April 2016

Dirt Road by Patti Nivens Leathers - Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean
64 Count 4 Wall Phrased Intermediate  (Step Sheet)   (Video)  June 2011

Dirty Boot Stomp by Stephen Pistoia and Laura Stanton - Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  August 2016 

Do It In Heels by Rob Holley  -  Drunk In Heels by Jennifer Nettles
32 Count 4 Wall Beginner / Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  June 2016

Donkey Tonky by Patti Nivens Leathers - Donkey by Jerrod Niemann
32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner  (Step Sheet)   (Video)  April 2014

Feeling This Way by Laura Stanton and Stephen Pistoia - Me Too by Meghan Trainor
32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  August 2016

F-Five by Patti Nivens Leathers - Tornado by Little Big Town
32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Oct. 2012

Flatliner by Rob Holley - Flatliner by Cole Swindell
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  May 2016 

Get In Line by Sal April - Get In Line by Larry Boone
28 Count 2 Wall Beginner  (Step Sheet)  (Video)

Gettin' Hitched Twist by Patti Nivens Leathers - Twistin' The Night Away by Sam Cooke
24 Count 4 Wall Ultra Beginner   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  June 2015

Great Adventure by Sal April - She's All That by Collin Raye
40 Count 4 Wall Beginner / Intermediate   (Step Sheet)  (Video) 

Home Work by Eric Mosley -  Work From Home by 5th Harmony
32 Count 2 Wall Improver / Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  July 2016

Honey I'm Good by Rachel Parsons -  Honey I'm Good by Andy Grammar
48 Count 2 Wall Improver / Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  March 2015

Honky Tonk Race by Rob Holley  -   Honky Tonk Race by Shelby Lee Lowe
32 Count 4 Wall Low Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Oct. 2016

I Can Do This All Day by Rob Holley - All Day by Locash
32 Count 4 Wall Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  August 2016

If The Boot Fits by Rob Holley - If The Boot Fits by Granger Smith
32 Count 2 Wall Low Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  April 2016 

I Mean It by Jennifer Killen - Love Like I Mean It by The Newsboys
16 Count 4 Wall High Beginner  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  June 2016

It's A Country Thang by Stephen Pistoia - Country Thang by Nikki Briar
48 Count 4 Wall Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video) October 2016

Kick A Little Dirt by Patti Nivens Leathers - Kick A Little Dirt Around by David Shelby
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  April 2013

Make You Mine by Stephen Pistoia and Rob Holley - Make You Mine by High Valley
32 Count 2 Wall Low Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  June 2016

My Church by Stephen Pistoia - My Church by Maren Morris
32 Count 2 Wall High Beginner   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  May 2016

No Can Left Behind by Rob Holley - No Can Left Behind by Cole Swindell
32 Count 2 Wall Low Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Oct. 2016

Nothing But Dust by Rachel Parsons - Dust by Eli Young Band
32 Count 4 Wall Improver / Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  April 2014

On The Radio by Sal April - The Other Side Of The Radio by Chris Rice
48 Count 4 Wall Beginner / Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  

Prairie Dog by Sal April - Overworked and Underpaid by Randy Bachman
44 Count 2 Wall Beginner / Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  

Puttin On The Nines by Patti Nivens Leathers - Building Bridges by Brooks and Dunn
32 Count 2 Wall Beginner   (Step Sheet)   (Video)   Feb. 2012

Scoot Bootin' by Patti Nivens Leathers - Boot Scootin' Boogie by Brooks and Dunn
24 Count 1 Wall Ultra Beginner   (Step Sheet)  

She's Smoke by Patti Nivens Leathers - Smoke by A Thousand Horses
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate  (Step Sheet)   (Video)  March 2015

Shuttin' It Down by Rob Holley - Shuttin' It Down by Cole Swindell
32 Count 2 Wall Phrased Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Jan. 2016

Small Town Rock Stars by Patti Nivens Leathers - Small Town Rock Stars by Joe Bachman
32 Count 4 Wall High Beginner   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Nov. 2012

Some Town Somewhere by Stephen Pistoia - Some Town Somewhere by Kenny Chesney
32 Count 4 Wall Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Dec. 2016 

Something Good by Megan Carroll  -  On To Something Good by Ashley Monroe
32 Count 4 Wall  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  July 2015

Star Of The Show by Stephen Pistoia - Star Of The Show by Thomas Rhett
32 Count 4 Wall Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Nov. 2016

Steppin' Out by Sal April - I Feel Lucky by Mary Chapin Carpenter
32 Count 4 Wall Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  

Stomping Out A Rhythm by Jen Tunis - Who Wouldn't Want To Be Me by Keith Urban
32 Count 4 Wall High Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  March 2016 

Straight Line by Sal April - Straight Line by Brent Howard
36 Count 4 Wall Beginner  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  March 2016 

Sugar And Spice by Steve Carroll and Megan Carroll - Sugar by Jennifer Nettles
32 Count 2 Wall Low Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  August 2015

Thump This!! by Pepper Walling - Thump Factor by Smokin' Armadillos
32 Count 2 Wall  (Step Sheet)

Timber by Rachel Parsons -  Timber by Pitbull
40 Count 2 Wall Improver / Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  April 2014

T-Shirt Boogie by Eric Mosley -  T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett
32 Count 2 Wall Improver  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  May 2016

We Never Lost Our Cool by Steve Carroll - Cool by Chris Lane
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate   (Step Sheet)  (Video)  March 2016

We Won't Go Home by Rob Holley  -  We Won't Go Home by Morgan Myles
32 Count 4 Wall Low Intermediate  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Nov. 2016

White Knuckles by Rob Holley - American Muscle by Canaan Smith
32 Count 4 Wall High Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Feb. 2016

Worth The Whiskey by Jennifer Killen - Ain't Worth The Whiskey by Cole Swindell
32 Count 4 Wall Beginner  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  April 2016

You Can't Stop Me by Rob Holley - You Can't Stop Me by Brett Eldredge
32 Count 4 Wall Improver   (Step Sheet)   (Video)  Feb. 2016

You Float My Boat by Laura Stanton and Stephen Pistoia - Float Your Boat by Ryan Follese
32 Count 4 Wall Improver  -  (Step Sheet)  (Video)  Nov. 2016

     Please feel free to let us know what your favorites are from this list, and as always thanks so much for reading.  Did we miss anyone or anything in our area?  Let us know. -    Dora and Gary

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Top 10 Country Line Dances for Beginners

     This week we began to wonder if we could put together a sort of "Top 10" list of easy country line dances that are favored by instructors in our area, so that beginners could quickly be out on the floor more than they're sitting and watching.

     We polled six local instructors, asking each to name their top 5 beginner dances, assuming that there would be overlap.  We thought we would then rank them by how frequently each dance was mentioned, from most to least.As it turns out we needed a bigger sample, which they graciously provided, to get enough data to render a valid ranking.

     So, without further ado, here's the top 10 beginner country line dances you're likely to be able to join in on the dance floor in our area (Actually 11 due to a tie).  Where possible the dance in the list is linked to an instructional video by Patti Nivens Leathers, unless indicated otherwise. Below the list is a link to additional instructional videos.

1.    Crash and Burn (32 ct. 4 wall by Gail Smith) 

2.    A Little Sweet (16 ct. 4 wall by Dan Albro)

3.    Eye Candy (32 ct. 4 wall by Gerard Murphy)  Video by Dancin Jim

4.    Sittin' Pretty (32 ct. 4 wall by Craig Miyamoto)

5.    Broken Stones (32 ct. 4 wall by Dee Musk)

6.    Hey Girl (32 ct. 4 wall by Micaela Erlandsson)  Video by Micaela Erlandsson)

7.    You Never Know (32 ct. 4 wall by Randy Pelletier) Video by Randy Pelletier

9.    Mamma Maria (32 ct. 4 wall by Frank Trace)

10.   Shotgun Jenny (32 ct. 2 wall by Kathy Kelley Brown)

11.   Mud Stompin'  (32 ct. 2 wall by Pat Esper)

Other beginner dances mentioned include:  Gimmie Gimmie, Boots Over Head, Mix It With Rum, Getting Hitched Twist, I Want Crazy, Can You 2 Step, Cadillacs and Caviar, Shakin' That Sugar, Country As Can Be, Outlaw, Copperhead Road, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ah Si, Skate, County Line Cha Cha, Drink In My Hand, CC Shuffle, Country Walkin', Cowboy Charleston, Freeze, Gin Ana Tonic, Hands Up And Party, Leave The Light On, Long Island Slide, and Two Step.

     Many thanks to the following instructors who took time from their busy schedule and participated in our survey.  Patti Nivens Leathers, Steve Pistoia, Robert Holley, Jim Dawson, Steve Carroll, and Eric Mosley.

     Thanks for reading, and remember to like our Facebook Page here:  Dora and Gary's Line Dancing